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                                                                                                   I know what you’re thinking, somebody who actually LIKES compliance?

But the truth is, I do actually enjoy winery record-keeping and compliance, which is the main reason it’s been the focus of the last 20 years of my 25 year career. Plus in addition to this I really enjoy  sharing that expertise with owners, winemakers, cellar masters, lab techs, CFOs, and certainly budding wine compliance staff in the industry. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked almost every job there is in winemaking, as doing so has meant I thoroughly understand the winemaking process and exactly how all those processes translate into federal and state regulations.

Here is a summary timeline of my winery background:

1989 til 1992 tasting rooms at V Sattui Winery and Whitehall Lane Winery

1993 til 1994 lab technician at Beringer Vineyards

1995 til 1996 lab technician at Fetzer Vineyards

1996 til 1997 lab manager at Sterling Vineyards

1997 til 1998 cellar staff at Sterling Vineyards

1998 til 2000 wine records coordinator at Sterling Vineyards

2000 til 2001 wine records technician at Robert Mondavi Winery

2002 til 2003 winery compliance coordinator at Viansa Winery

2003 til 2009 wine records coordinator at Caymus Vineyards and Conundrum Winery

2006 til 2015 Instructor of winery compliance course at Napa Valley College

2009 – Founded Wine Compliance Alliance

Winery compliance is a uniquely regulated area which in the majority of instances the staff tasked with managing it are given little or no training. I was in the “no training” group. I stumbled around in the dark in the early years as I little by little learned about all the federal, state and local regulations that wineries are required to be aware of as far as how they set up and maintain their records, fill out their reports, pay their excise taxes, design their labels and obtain label approval for them.

All of this first hand experience and hard earned knowledge now translates into being able to share that with winery clients to either manage their compliance files and filings for them or providing training to their winery staff  so they can confidently and successfully manage it themselves.  For more information on either of these services please contact our office at 707-266-1946