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Category Archives for Laws of Wine Compliance

Deciding on a Label Alcohol for Your Wine.

Wine labels are required to have a specific set of items. One of those is an alcohol content. This must appear on the front (or brand) label. When it comes time to design all of the details that go into

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Tips for Successful Label Approvals.

For those of you reading this that can tell me what the acronym COLA stands for, this post is for you. Even for anyone whose first thought was “what does soda have to do with wine?”, but work

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Why a Wine Label Might Not Be Given Approval

In 2008 the TTB received and processed over 130,000 label approval applications, 80% of which were for wine. (the remaining 15% were for beer & spirits labels.) Those numbers have been going up steadily

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Tanks a lot……

The use of stainless steel tanks in the winemaking process first began in the 1950’s and besides the ever popular use of wood in the form of wine barrels is still the most common storage vessel seen

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No, it’s not that kind of cola…….

You may have heard of the term “cola” used frequently in the wine industry around wine labels. Perhaps you thought, what does soda have anything to do with wine? Do soda drinkers also tend

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Video for California wineries: your report due this month on your production gallons

By now all California wineries as holders of the ABC type 02, or winegrower license would have received in the mail an annual required report from the California ABC. This is the Winegrowers/Blenders report.

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