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Category Archives for Regulation Updates

Big changes coming for TTB winery compliance in 2018

The major headlines about the monster tax bill that just cleared congress don't sound like good news for many US residents. US wineries on the other hand do stand to have a happy 2018 as a result of it.The

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Further clarifying the TTB label approval application changes

So last week’s post on the newest changes coming this month to the TTB’s online label approval platform COLAs online has caused some confusion with many readers. (Surprise!) Sorry about that

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TTB updates on label approval exemptions and the bulk wine market

Wine labels and their TTB approvals. There is never a shortage of discussions, questions, and confusion. The latest TTB announcement last week regarding potential regulation changes to wine labels that

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What the proposed alcohol range change means for your winery

Things are looking good for a major update coming for US wineries related to their excise taxes, 5120.17 report, and wine labels. The bill very appropriately named the wine excise tax modernization act

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The TTB Gets Smart

I have given kudos to the TTB for several years now for their ongoing efforts to provide resources and helpful information to the wineries and wine businesses across the country that are their “clients”.

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