Tax Paid Wine? Where?

There is a type of wine business that until recently I had only read about on the TTB's (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) website. They are called taxpaid wine bottling houses, or TPWBH on their TTB permits instead of BWN's or BWC's. What are they and what do they do you ask? Continue reading


What’s Bond Got To Do With Your Winery?

There is no shortage of terminology used in the wine industry and that tends to go double when talking specifically about winery compliance subjects. One of those commonly used terms is bond. Some common phrases you might hear are, "What's your bond number?" "The wine is still in bond" or "What is your bond coverage?". What does it all mean? Continue reading


The Meaning of an ABC Posting Sign

Have you ever seen one of these ABC posting signs while driving around? Chances are you have if you live in an area that has a lot of wineries. You may have seen them posted in any number of locations: in front of your neighbor's house, in a storefront window or out in front of a winery. Perhaps you wondered, "what's the deal?".

Continue reading