How May We Help You


Get your grapes in a row.

When it comes to the licensing, record-keeping, and reporting for your winemaking, compliance can be a real maze of forms, agencies, rules, and deadlines. Combine with that the fact that there are little to no resources available for training and this explains why winery compliance has the unpopular image it does.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Proper education and training can resolve most issues saving wineries time, money and unnecessary headaches. After experiencing first hand the challenges of learning compliance “the hard way” 15 years ago I realized the need for training and support.

Wine Compliance Alliance provides that education and training to wineries, wine makers, custom crushers, wine professionals and other lovers of the grape so that you can get it right and feel confident that you can keep it that way.

Here are some of the topics of trainings:

  • How to begin a wine business
  • Recordkeeping 101: What records you need to have and what they look like
  • Wine label design and label approval
  • How to do your own self audit
  • Completing the Monthly Report of Wine Operations (“702”)
  • Know if you qualify for the Small Producer’s Tax credit

Training packages are available for all levels from beginners to the more seasoned wanting a second opinion or refresher course or for anyone with an interest to learn about this very specialized area of the wine industry.

My aim through any training experience is that you will come away understanding your compliance in a new way that empowers you and also introduces you to a supportive community that you can keep contact with moving forward.