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Napa County wineries: How to calculate if compliant with your Use Permit gallons

How do you know whether your winery is in compliance? There are several areas for wineries to ensure they stay in compliance, so more often than not the answer may be something like “who knows?”.

An article in the Napa Register a few days ago was titled “Napa County Formulating New Rules for Winery Rule Breakers”. Headlines like that tend to catch my eye.  Just reading the first sentence definitely got my full attention. “Napa County is poised to further deal with wineries that make too much wine”.

Now I know exactly what they are referencing with the statement “too much wine”, but am also quite aware that most winery owners and/or their staff are not. The Napa County Planning office which monitors winery use permit compliance has a process for determining whether wineries are inside or outside of their use permit production gallons, which is what is referred by  “too much wine”.  I think it is also safe to say that most county use permit holders if asked what their production gallon amount is would respond with a blank look, shrug of the shoulders or perhaps something like “I think around 30 or 40,000 gallons”.

Any Napa County winery can easily check their compliance with their production gallons by (1) confirming what their current use permit production gallons are and (2) reviewing some groups of gallons from  their TTB 5120.17 reports across a few years time. I explain both of these items in my next video.

Napa County winery use permit production gallon compliance