Have a new year’s resolution to learn winemaking compliance?

Ahhh winemaking compliance………..always everyone's favorite topic. Yes I am saying that facetiously, but yet at the same time I'm quite serious about helping people "get it right" when it comes to making heads or tails of their compliance systems. And that is what they are, systems. Systems that all have certain specific parts that fit together in very specific ways, and I'll be explaining all of that once again in my next Winery Compliance & Recordkeeping class at Napa Valley College starting this month on Wednesday, January 22nd. What a great way to start off your year right?!

The class title is Winery Compliance and Recordkeeping (VWT 275) and runs for 6 weeks, January 22nd through March 5th on Wednesday nights from 7 til 10. 

We'll be covering what I call the A to Z of winery compliance, from getting a TTB permit to what required records to keep, what reports to file, what taxes to pay and the details around labels and label approval.

All of that in a QUICK 6 weeks. I've been teaching this class since 2006 and love the interaction that I get mixing with folks from across the wine biz: winemakers, enologists, cellar crew, lab techs, growers, tasting room staff, office staff, & general interested parities who show up in the room. 

So if you've been struggling with figuring out all that TTB stuff your winery is required to be maintaining, from weigh tags & work orders, completing the 702, and figuring out label approvals- then this class is for you.

It's also for you if you're someone who has thought about getting into the compliance area of the winery business. Taking this class will give you a great broad overview of all the pieces in the process that wineries must be on top of- and you'll get a good idea whether or not it is a fit for your personality. (It really does take a certain type)

One last note: This class DOES NOT cover state shipping compliance. (Sorry, but that requires a course all it's own!)

If you're wondering about more specific details on what the class covers- feel free to send me an email: ann@winecompliancealliance.com

Otherwise- here's a link to the Napa Valley College site for more info. http://www.napavalley.edu/Academics/Schedule/Pages/welcome.aspx

 I look forward to meeting and helping make sense of the maze-like world that compliance often is.