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What is Up with the TTB site shut Downs?

As I shared in an earlier blog post we've already become unhappily accustomed to slower response times when dealing w/the TTB. Now this week out of nowhere two of their main website electronic filing platforms went dead in the water. 

Needless to say this is a major frustration for those in my world and all the clients that we represent!  These additional delays only continue to add more days to the already long wait times for approvals of TTB permit applications and label approvals. This then will often mean that wine businesses can lose their place in a label printing queue or mess up their schedules related to selling their wine or affect their moving into a new location. Major inconveniences no matter what.

The TTB sent out an announcement just this morning stating that their Permits Online platform was once again "operational", however whoever gave the OK to send out that communication didn't double check on the accuracy as I have since early this morning attempted to logon to my Permits Online account and continue to get sent to the screen stating: "All TTB sites are currently down for maintenance.....".     This misinformation is doubly frustrating​ on top of the site still being unavailable. 

These sudden shut downs of the two TTB websites occurred earlier this week and came out of nowhere. I myself had logged onto their COLAs online site on Tuesday and submitted some labels and then attempted a couple of hours later to log back on and was sent to the "currently down for maintenance" screen. This is very odd, especially to ​use the term "maintenance" which they already will post announcements about on their sites and it is always done in the wee hours of the morning and not cutting us off for days. It almost appears to me as though they were hacked.

I'll also mention here that shut downs such as this are very frustrating for the all the TTB specialists who are dealing with additionally heavy workloads for the past year due to staff reductions. These website shutdowns also mean that they are not able to continue processing any of the application files submitted by us, and therefore their workloads only continues to pile up. ​

Stay tuned for updates on the return of these two highly used TTB electronic filing sites. May the luck of the Irish next week bode well for them.​