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Why Wine Compliance

Are you a US bonded winery or wine cellar? If so you’re in the business of making, bottling and selling wine but where does your TTB compliance fit in? And how do you know that you’re doing all of it correctly?

You want to be sure you are doing it correctly to avoid scenarios such as:

  • 5 figure fines related to incorrectly filing your TTB excise taxes under the small producers tax credit (link to 2015 case)

  • Having your TTB permit cancelled due to incomplete records, & lack of report and tax filings

    On the other side of worst case scenarios like these are all the reasons why you want to be on top of your TTB compliance.
    So what does a well designed and properly managed TTB winery compliance system look like?

  • Winemaking data that is readily accessible and used for business planning, marketing, costing and TTB reporting

  • Winemaking records that are designed to capture the required details you want as well as all the required TTB report numbers

  • Reports that are filed electronically and on time per the schedule that your winery qualifies for

  • TTB label approvals that are also filed electronically and also only submitted when a new one is required

  • TTB excise taxes that are paid accurately and on time under the small producers tax credit (when qualified for)

  • Your winery’s TTB permit file is up to date for your business and winery site and is accessible via the TTB’s Permits Online system

    Your TTB winery compliance can and should run like a well oiled machine, providing you, your staff and your business with peace of mind and up to date relevant business data. This allows you to keep your focus on making and selling great wine.