Winemaker’s Database Training

One of the most effective tools for tracking and maintaining all details related to wine production is through the use of software. I first cut my teeth in that world in 1997 on a platform that is now 30 years old.

The Winemaker’s Database¬†was founded in 1983 and currently serves clients ranging in size from 1,000 to 1,000,000-plus annual case production levels on 4 continents.
With the combo of my in depth background in using this software and an over 20 year first hand understanding of day to day winemaking I am able to assist new and current clients in getting their best use out of it.
This database program is a hugely powerful tool available to wineries. However if it is not set up properly and it’s users trained in how to effectively use it the value of that tool can go right out the window.
This is where I come in. Assisting wineries get the best experience out of using The Winemaker’s Database is one of the most satisfying experiences I have in my business. It is my goal for the wineries using The Winemaker’s Database to have a successful relationship!

  • Initital data loading and set up for new users
  • Training in data entry and general use of the software for new & existing users
  • Trouble shooting for existing users
  • Best practice assessment and tips for new and existing users

Each of these services have flat rate fees based on the scope of work involved. For full details the best next thing is for us to talk about your current use and desired results. I offer a call just for this.