Webinar: Winemaker’s Database & Harvest

WMDB logoHarvest is here! Is Winemaker’s Database Ready?

Hello all current users of The Winemaker’s Database software!

Do you fit any of the descriptions below?

  • You’re just getting started with WMDB and have no idea how to set up what you need to for harvest tracking
  • You’ve been using it for awhile but would like a refresher when it comes to using it for harvest
  • You’d like to learn some tips for setting up your data so it “works” well in WMDB

I’m inviting you to sign up for my next FREE webinar on Tuesday, September 3rd at 11am PST:

Winemaker’s Database & Harvest

There is plenty to learn about this powerful tool………..so much that it  can really be overwhelming if you’re just getting started or have never been shown exactly how to “connect the dots” of using it.

Believe me……I know exactly how you feel as I’ll share some of my own WMDB learning curve experiences………and success stories from the past 15 years.

Here are some other topics I’ll cover on the webinar:

  • How to assess your current set up related to harvest tracking
  • How to set up your codes related to harvest tracking
  • Tips for your harvest related data entry
  • Key tips to follow to ensure that you have access to the harvest details you want after it’s all over

Sounds good?  You can sign up HERE

And any of you who have already met or listened to one of my other calls knows that I’m always open to questions……so there will be time for that too!

Winemaker’s Database is a powerful tool for managing a really wide range of winemaking data from grape growing to winemaking histories, to costing to tracking records for TTB audits.

This webinar will clarify how to use it to make sure you get out of it those (or other info) of key interest to your winery.      SIGN UP FOR THE CALL