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Winery Compliance Class in Napa: April 12th 9 am til noon

*NOTE: An incorrect date was listed on postcard mailing. Correct date is Wednesday, April 12th 9 am til noon.

The requirement for Napa County winery use permit holders to submit annual reports is getting closer to going into effect. A training which will cover this topic and others specific to TTB winery compliance is coming up on Wednesday, April 12th from 9 til noon at the Napa SBDC offices.

This class is a way to  take a look at some vital parts of your winery’s compliance “health”. Is it in good standing? Are you keeping your wine making records correctly to pass either a TTB or a Napa County planning audit?

If you have ever lost sleep over the above topics- I’m teaching a class next month which is designed to help you find out.

The class is “How to keep your winery Audit safe” and is being offered on Wednesday April 12th, from 9 til noon through the Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

Go HERE for full details & to sign up. 

It will be offered at the SBDC office on the Napa Valley College campus.

The class will focus specifically on key issues related to TTB (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) and Napa County Planning use permit required reporting potentially scheduled to come into effect in 2018. These are items that come up most frequently in the course of on site audits by both of these regulating agencies. Topics such as required records and reporting, excise tax payments, and how to determine production levels will be explained and reviewed so attendees can then determine whether their winery has any potential issues that need to be addressed.

Winery staff attending the class are highly encouraged to bring the following items:

  • Full previous years TTB 5120.17 (“702”) reports
  • Most recent TTB excise tax report
  • Examples of required records: a completed bill of lading for cased wine & one for bulk wine
  • Current Napa county Use Permit with details of your production gallons and if your permit has a grape sourcing condition.

This class will go a long way to help wineries fully connect the dots as to how the records and reports they are required to be maintaining and filing either have potential audit holes in them, leaving them vulnerable as well as specific steps they can take now to address them.

Here is a link to get signed up:    Winery Compliance Class