TTB compliance code-breaker for US wineries

There’s a ridiculous amount of terminology thrown at unsuspecting wineries related to their TTB compliance. They are required to be able to decipher what all this terminology means to them from a day to day perspective in order to keep in the good graces of the TTB. Speaking first hand for myself it took me […]

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Helpful TTB manual & book for wine label requirements

A wine label. The cover on the finished book of a wine’s life. That’s how I’ve often referred to them. In my world they are also the easiest way to explain to someone what it is that I do. Believe it or not most people’s faces gloss over when you tell them “I’m a winery […]

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The downs and ups of TTB Permits Online

The TTB’s platform, Permits Online is about to come out with an updated version. This platform was first launched in 2011 and is used (in the wine world) by any business that is filing an application to start a new wine business or to file amendments beyond that. My office uses it on  a close […]

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