The California ABC is once again offering wineries, as holders of the type 02 Winegrower license, relief from paying their license renewal fees. They are calling it a renewal fee waiver. All Winegrower licenses expire annually on June 30th of each year. The license renewal forms have already been sent out to wineries from the ABC via mail. Businesses that qualify can file for this renewal fee waiver on up to two Winegrower licenses if they hold more than one.The qualifications and the filing process are both simple. This year the filing is done entirely online through the ABC’s website. Nothing needs to be submitted via email or dreaded snail mail! If a winery meets the qualifications, after they complete the filing process on the ABC’s site their 02 license will be renewed and no payment will be required.

For more information and an example of the steps to submit this renewal and fee waiver filing take a look at our video

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