By now all California wineries as holders of the ABC type 02, or winegrower license would have received in the mail an annual required report from the California ABC. This is the Winegrowers/Blenders report. This report applies to all stand alone wineries as well as businesses that are alternating proprietorships (APs) at existing winery sites because your business holds the CA ABC type 02. or Winegrowers license. *NOTE: If you have not received it call their HQ offices in Sacramento: 916-419-2530.  You will need to let them know what your 02 license number is. The purpose of the report is to determine what your annual ABC license fees will be for the upcoming year and whether any additional fees are owed from the previous 12 month period of July through June. This fee is based directly on two winemaking activity gallon amounts. Both of these gallon amounts come directly from the winery’s TTB 5120.17 reports. (the report still referred to as the 702) My next video walks you through how to fill out this report: See it here  

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