All California wineries have an annual filing due TODAY to the CA ABC (California Alcoholic Beverage Control) which is the Winegrower/Wineblender report. This annual report is sent to you & returned to the CA ABC headquarters office in Sacramento via regular mail. (sorry no online filing available) 

As the holder of either a type 02 the Winegrower license or the type 22 the Wine blender license you are required to submit this report annually related to some specific gallon amounts that come directly from another of your required reports, the TTB 5120.17 Report . (still most commonly referred to in wine making circles as the “702” report) 

The numbers that are filled in on this CA ABC report are used to determine what your annual license fees will be come their next renewal cycle. For example as the holder of a type 02 Winegrower license (which by the way is the type that a winery will obtain) if your winery produces less than 5,000 gallons of wine on a yearly basis then your annual ABC license fee is $69.

But what does the CA ABC mean when it uses the term “produces”? Here is where you need to refer specifically to a year’s worth of your winery’s TTB “702” reports starting with July of the previous year through the June report for the current year. Next within those reports you’ll be summing the totals from lines 2 & 5 in section A. You’ll first sum the total of all numbers that were listed on line 2, produced by fermentation. Write that number down. For line 5, received in bond you ONLY want to sum any gallon amount for bulk wines that were purchased from another winery site and then blended into your own wines. If that applies to your winery then add that number to the sum from line 2 and fill in that number on line 1 of the CA ABC report.

I’ve created my next video to show you how to fill out this CA ABC report:    Winegrower report video

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