My last post and video were on the Elouan Oregon Pinot Noir label and specifically whether its use of three Oregon AVAs would be be kosher with TTB regulations. After sharing that post and reading others that followed also on the Elouan label I took another look at the TTB wine label regulation on Appellations of Origin.  27 CFR 4.25

I wanted to take a closer look at part (3)(iv), which is what provides details for the use of an AVA on a wine label if that AVA is in another state than where the wine is bottled. I was primarily interested in two words in that subsection of this regulation, “fully finished”. What might those words actually mean in the day to day world of winemaking and how can US wineries make sure they are staying inside these “fully finished” requirements if listing an AVA (or AVAs) on their front or back labels when bottling wine from out of state?

That is the topic of my next video

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