This post is for all Napa County wineries that hold a use permit issued by the Napa County Planning Office. Required annual reporting is now in effect and your first annual report is due by July 1st 2019. My office is hosting a three part webinar training designed to walk you through understanding each step in the process. It will be hosted across three sequential Wednesdays starting April 24th. Each session will run from 10 til 11:30 am and all sessions will be recorded and available for viewing afterwards in the event you cannot make them in person. You can sign up for the training here:  Webinar Sign Up This webinar series will focus on two areas that wineries will be required to report: annual production gallons and grape sourcing verifying 75% Napa County. Here is a link to my first video talking a bit more about this training series. More videos will follow providing additional details. Video: Napa county use permit reporting​​​

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