I’m glad to share a good news update with all California wineries. Your Winegrower Tax reports can now be filed online. This is the report that all CA wineries (which means all businesses that hold a CA ABC type 02-Winegrower license) are required to file on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. If you don’t file this report your ABC 02 license can get suspended. Up until now this report was still stuck in the old school paper/snail mail world. Thankfully the CDTFA (CA Dept of Tax & Fee Admin) has now added this report to their online filing system.

The first step to be able to file your Winegrower report online is to register for an account on the CDTFA’s site. Once your have your account set up you’ll next need to link access to your winery’s Winegrower account. 

I recently tried out the new online report by filing some for clients. Take a look at my next video which demos what it looks like to use the new online system to file the Winegrower report. You’ll see that the screens look familiar from the fields you were used to seeing on the paper form, plus you can also make the tax payment electronically via bank account or credit card. 100% electronic, no more snail mail!

Demo of how to file the Winegrower Tax report Online

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