Earlier this week I was talking to the TTB offices in Cincinnati. I regularly reach out to them by phone to follow up on applications I’ve submitted for clients, which was the reason for my call.

As part of my conversation with the helpful woman who answered we mentioned that their staff numbers were reduced greatly last year. When I asked if that meant they’d be hiring more additional staff this year she stated, “well not now that the hiring freeze has gone into effect”.

OK- so I’ve backed off from the news as of late which meant I hadn’t heard about this.

Anyway- what does this mean to those of us in the winery world?
Slower turnaround times for your applications.
What might those applications include?

  • New applications to start a new winery (OR alternating proprietorship!)
  • updates to your existing winery application such as:
  • new trade names – which will directly affect your label approval timelines
  • change in location to a new winery site- this especially for all you alternating proprietors out there!
  • request to cancel a TTB wine bond
  • Change of ownership, when a winery is sold to a new business

This is not a comprehensive list, but meant to give you an idea of some of the common ones.

So my word to the wise with this update?   Plain and simple, plan ahead & then know how to follow up!
And be persistent in your follow up to the TTB offices for any application updates filed by your winery.

Along those lines here’s a link to my blog post I wrote last year about best practices for contacting the TTB offices

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