The beginning of another wine life cycle has begun. Harvest of 2018 is officially underway. The harvest period in the winemaking cycle is a unique area of winery compliance with many ins and outs for winery staff to be aware of in successfully managing their required compliance. (on top of keeping up with the sea of grapes coming at them!) Add to that the fact that it only occurs once a year which means that staff can easily get rusty in the “how are we supposed to do that?” types of details for these once a year records and report numbers they are required to track about their various harvest activities.

Last year I created and shared nine “harvest compliance” specific videos. Some were covering topics specific to California wineries, while others are beneficial to all US wineries. These are beneficial to any winery folks who are involved in the following activities:

filling out grape weigh tags (weighmaster certificates)

tracking gallons fermented at your site and/or filling them in on the TTB 5120.17 report

Here are links to each of the nine videos:

Buy grapes? You need this license in CA

CA Weighmaster license requirements

13 required items on a CA weighmaster certificate

OK to accept an outside weighmaster certificate?

Common tare requirements for CA weighmasters

No cross outs on your weigh tags!

You want this field on your weight tags!

Six common weighmaster certificate issues

TTB produced by fermentation for all US wineries

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