Harvest 2023 is not too far off wineries!
Let me ask you this, how confident are you about your compliance specific to harvest?
Here’s a few questions to give you an idea what I’m talking about and see if you respond with either a definite “yes!”, or a “hmmm, I think so” answer or, maybe instead you just draw a blank.
  • Do you know how your weigh tags for your grapes are tied directly to what you can put on your wine labels?
  • Do you know how you fill in your harvest numbers on your TTB 5120.17 report is connected to your TTB excise taxes?
  • Can you identify the two types of appellations you use for your grapes?
  • Is there an appellation field on your weigh tags?
  • Do you know all the fields the TTB requires to be on your weigh tags?
  • Do you know what “produced by fermentation” means and how it impacts a specific item on your labels?
By the way, all of those questions are specific to your required TTB compliance. TTB = the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau. That’s the feds folks so these questions apply to every US winery! As a winery anywhere in the US that is receiving and fermenting wine grapes the above questions all apply to you, and making sense of them is guaranteed to make your (or your staff’s) life easier.
And all of those questions, along with real world inspired examples are covered in our online training course, TTB Winery Harvest Compliance 
The course is offered online, perfect for winery staff to go at their own pace during the hecticness of harvest and be able to watch as they are completing their TTB 5120.17 report or viewing their existing documents, such as their weigh tags. You’ll get quizzed along the way to test how well you’re absorbing the information and the opportunity to ask your specific questions either via entering them in the comments boxes or in person via Zoom sessions. Once you’ve signed up for the course you have lifetime access, a good thing because harvest only comes once a year so it’s easy to forget what we cover in the course.
We get it. Winery compliance is complicated, and there is still very little training available. That is the key reason that drove us to create the Winery Compliance Training Academy. How wineries document the details of their wine’s lives in their records and then report their numbers on their TTB reports is key to what they can put on their labels, how they report their excise taxes and how they keep the TTB away from knocking on their door using that scary “audit” word.
Take a look at the full course info here:     TTB Winery Harvest Compliance

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