As promised the TTB released their updated version of the 5120.17 report earlier this week. (702 report- for all who still like to call it that) For any wineries that are required to file this report on a monthly basis it comes just in time as January’s report is due today. (15th)

This new & improved version of the report has been edited to accommodate the change in the upper end of the lower alcohol content column. Column (a) on the report now lists the title “not over 16 percent”.  (before it listed “not over 14 percent”)

For US wineries filling out this new version of the report for the first time in 2018 is when they will need to move a group of their on site bulk and bottled gallons into this first column on the report.

I explain that group of bulk and bottled gallons and demo how to fill out the 5120.17 report to show moving those gallons into that lower alcohol content column in my next video.

Explanation & demo of new TTB 5120.17 report​​​

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