You’ve seen me mention that there are not very many sources of training in the area of wine compliance. But one source that had been an annual offering that many of us had become accustomed to were the TTB’s seminars. These were a full day event covering the most popular TTB topics and current updates and they offered industry members a face to face opportunity to meet TTB staff and ask their questions in person. The last time we saw the TTB offer these seminars was in 2010. I recently checked with TTB wine technical advisor Mari Kirrane to find out if they would be offered next in 2012. Due to budget cuts they will not be.

So how do you find out answers to your day to day winemaking compliance questions? One helpful resource which contains a lot of helpful, summarized information in one place is the 2010 seminar handout packet.

This 173 page long packet contains information and examples of a range of topics such as:

  • examples of how to complete a basic permit application
  • full explanation of the difference between an alternating proprietor and a custom crush client. (and what the responsibilities are for each.)
  • what are the items required to be on a bill of lading
  • example of a trade name letter (required for all of your custom crush clients!)
  • details on the small producers tax credit
  • wine label requirements

Of course the TTB is still available by phone contact or email for your questions. It was a good opportunity to meet with them face to face at the annual seminars though. I think many of their staff liked the industry interaction as well. (plus getting the opportunity to travel from DC or Cincinnati to California for a change of scenery.)

I highly recommend accessing this seminar handout packet and either printing it out or saving it on your computer in that file named “Compliance”. You never know when it might offer just the answer you were looking for.

To find it just go to the TTB’s website:

Once there you can find it in their “Quick Links” section on the right side of the page.

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