Original and Amendment Applications

Planning to start a new wine business?


Need to make updates to your existing licensing?

Whichever your situation might be, we can help with managing your required TTB, CA ABC and CDTFA applications to get you started successfully or fully transitioned to your current status.

The applications behind any wine type of business, be that as a winery, an alternating proprietorship, or wine wholesaler must meet specific government agency requirements. If not done properly frustrating delays will result. Our office has a long history of experience filing these applications, with the goal that they go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

To give you an idea here are the details of our focus in managing these applications:


Understanding what are the unique details of your wine business in order to make sure you currently hold or are initially set up with the correct type of licensing to fit your business’ needs


Providing you a summary of what the privileges and responsibilities are unique to your businesses’ licensing once they are in place


Providing you a complete copy of all application materials, which includes setting up full access to your TTB (federal) applications, as they are filed online. Having these application files is extremely valuable for all wine businesses.

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Like to discuss further how we work and can work with you?

Depending on your category, the next step is to schedule a call so we can discuss your businesses specifics and from that provide you a summary of your business’ info and how we work with you to manage your filings.
New wine business
Existing wine business