I hear from a lot of people who are reaching out for guidance and begin by stating “I’ve got a quick question”. Now whether or not their question qualifies as “quick” on my end remains to be seen, though many of them are. There is no shortage of areas that I hear questions about from winery staff specific to how to manage their wine production compliance. (think TTB/CA ABC/CA BOE!)  If I know the answer to their question off the top of my head, which I do for most of them I’m glad to be able to give them a “quick answer” to clarify.

I am planning to make the trip to Sacramento on Wednesday the 24th of this month to meander my way around the zoo that is the trade show floor at the annual Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.  I’m making a special offer to any US winery staff that will be there on Wednesday as well and would like to have their “quick question” related to their winery’s compliance answered in person.

See my next video for how to connect with me at the trade show.

​​​​How to connect in person at Unified​​​

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