TTB label approval. Such a love/hate relationship wineries have with it. You love them when they get approved and you hate them when they get rejected or take too long to be approved and mess up your label printing schedule. Well the TTB continues to be drowned in COLA applications from the wine world and apparently a good chunk of which are submitted with errors. Thus they have now come up with their new “conditionally approved” status.

This new status has been created to allow the TTB specialist viewing your application to make suggestions to swap out information you incorrectly placed into four fields of your application that (Guess what!) do not match your actual label file!  Doh!

Take a look at my next video which explain it. Plus I show you the experimental COLA application I just submitted to test out exactly how, and how well this new conditionally approved status process will work.

Testing out the TTB label approval conditionally approved status

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