Winery compliance can often be a lonely business. Many of my early experiences with it were like this. I asked questions, but nobody seemed to know the answers. I looked around for detailed information explaining what was required but found very little in the way of training. This was 13 years ago. How I would have loved to found someone like Lucy here to commiserate with and ask for guidance.

Are you feeling lost in your own compliance land? Are there certain parts of it that you just don’t feel completely confident with? Believe me, you are NOT alone. Just consider the fact that the majority of wineries in the US are small, family owned ones. This means they operate under the “many hats” syndrome which means that their few staff members are each managing multiple responsibilities, compliance being just one of them. Now add to this scenario the fact that they usually weren’t given training specific to the compliance responsibilities they are managing. Think that might make it even worse?

Now you get an idea of the layers of why there is a such a need for compliance training. It is one of the main reasons that my business is focused specifically on that area. I don’t want you to go through what I did!

Compliance is complicated enough, and feeling like you’re lost in the desert when it comes to finding answers just adds to that.

So stay tuned here on my site as I’ll be bringing lots more tips, suggestions and guidance this year, all designed to make managing (AND understanding!) your compliance a much easier process.

I’ll also be putting together a compliance how-to FAQ page. I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of some of the most common confusing situations you are up against in compliance land, and this will be designed to answer many of those.

Stay tuned, the doctor is in!

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