My office is in regular contact with a range of federal, state and local agencies that regulate wineries. Easily 95% of that time involves feeding them applications and any information and items that they request to finalize the approval of said applications. (anything to keep them happy!)

Every now and then though I reach out to their staff with questions related to regulations, reporting or their inspection authorities. Last year just ahead of harvest 2016 I reached out to the Napa County weights and measures department, as they carry out the winery scale certifications each year as well as their random on site audits. (where they show up to inspect your completed weighmaster certificates)

I asked if they would share what are the most common issues that they see as far as mistakes that wineries are making related to their weighmaster licenses and completion of their weigh tags. Joe Croxdale, then Chief Deputy Sealer (for 30 years!) was very helpful in sending a list.

I share those 6 common mistakes in my next winery harvest compliance video.

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