The topic of winery compliance, when mentioned is one that more often than not will cause people to make a face. Understandably then when good news updates come along in the winery compliance world I like to get them out there quickly.

Many US winery owners and staff have been reading or hearing about or experiencing first hand the FDA’s on site surprise inspections they have begun carrying out at wineries over the last several months. Then a few months ago the staff at Hinman and Carmichael, a San Francisco law office began sharing some updates on their blog related to the exemption the FDA allows for “retail food establishments”. (meaning wineries in this instance)

After reading these blog posts I began to see some good news to share with all US wineries, but since the details still sounded a bit too “legal speak” I wanted to be sure. I reached out directly to Barbara Snider, attorney at Hinman & Carmichael to ask some additional specific questions the answers to which would give me 100% clarity. Many thanks again to Ms Snider for her follow up, the good news answers of which I’m now glad to pass on. 

​​Access the video here​​​

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