The catastrophic wildfires here in Napa and Sonoma county are now at close to full containment. For winery staff this means they are getting back to finishing up with the grape harvest and monitoring their existing fermentation already underway when the fires started almost two weeks ago.

There were several wineries that suffered damage from the fires, which means they will need to file a claim with the TTB offices in Cincinnati to report those wine loss details. In direct follow up to filing that claim with the TTB they will then also report those same wine loss amounts on their next TTB 5120.17 report. (the “702”)

*NOTE: If your winery suffered significant loss due to the wildfires my offices is offering complimentary assistance related to preparing and filing these two TTB reports listed above.  Give a call:    707-266-1946

My next video shows how to report your wine loss numbers on your TTB 5120.17 report.

See it HERE

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