Here we are staring at the end of the year once again. For US wineries that means a specific stage in their new wines “lives”. For all sites that fermented grapes or juice from the 2017 harvest the end of each year is often the time that they will “declare” their new wines “produced”. But what exactly does that mean?

In the winery world, and more specifically as they are regulated by the TTB “producing” wine is specific to fully fermenting or at the least finishing the fermentation of a batch of grapes or juice. Wineries not only need to be aware of how they are required to report these “produced by fermentation” numbers but also how these numbers are directly related to their TTB excise taxes (for most) as well as a common item on their wine labels.

Take a look at my next video which explains all the above:

Explaining TTB Produced by fermentation


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