After a recent computer virus issue I made the switch to using Firefox as my web browser from a recommendation from my computer guy. This definetely made an improvement in some of the issues I was having at the time so I was satisfied with the switch. That is until I was attempting to change my password for my COLAs online account.

 Each time I tried to update my password (Which the TTB’s COLAs online system requires you to do every 90 days) I kept getting a message telling me there had been an error. At first I just found this annoying and frustrating and kept trying different combinations of letters, numbers and special characters that are the requirement for their passwords. Each time I kept getting the same error message. OK, enough of that time to call the COLAs online help desk. I made my selection from their menu, # 2 for password resets and only had to wait less than a minute before a live person came on the line and quickly provided me with a new password.

I asked him to stay on the line while I tried to logon to make sure it worked, and sure enough when I tried it I still got the same annoying error message. That’s when it occured to me that maybe COLAs online doesn’t get along well with Firefox. I asked the help desk guy on the line and he confirmed it, firefox does not mix well with TTB platforms. So I opened up explorer, entered my logon and newly reset password at the COLAs online site and sure enough, up popped my account information.

So just a word to the wise for any of you who utilize any of the TTB’s online offerings; COLAs online, Permits online or Make sure to use explorer as your browser to save yourself any unnecessary moments of frustration.

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