Wine Compliance Alliance, a winery compliance consulting office based in Napa became an associate member with Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance in 2022.

As part of its offerings to members, the PRWCA offers many training opportunities. On February 7th Ann Reynolds, owner of Wine Compliance Alliance, will lead a 3 hour in person course for PRWCA members on TTB (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) requirements for wine label design and label approval. The course will be held in Paso Robles.

The course is an opportunity for winery staff to learn about ways to improve their wine label design and approval procedures. Topics covered include the following: when is a label approval required, what are the items that are always required on wine labels, and how to determine if a wine blend qualifies to list items such as varietal, vintage or appellation on its label. Students will be given the opportunity to practice designing labels to test their knowledge, as well get answers to their label questions.

This same course will be offered in person in other wine areas of California later in 2023. If interested be sure to sign up for our email list or reach out directly to

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