Compliance not popular?      No way!

Well actually yes, that is the way compliance is for many folks who deal with it. It is an undesirable, unsatisfying chore that they dread and put off til the last minute. I know this from interacting with a lot of winery colleagues over the years and hearing their sad stories of frustration and distaste for this “necessary evil” task on their to-do lists. After listening to their stories I then like to ask them how they’d feel if they never had to deal with it anymore. You can take a wild guess what their answers are.

>Compliance is a drudge of a chore for most people I talk to. That’s why I love to see their faces light up when I ask them to just imagine what it would be like if they never had to deal with it again! The records, reports, license updates, label approvals, tax filings would never again show up on their to do list! Instead their time would be freed up to focus on tasks that are worlds more satisfying for them.     (Uhhh, such as….. winemaking?!)

So for all you winemakers out there please take a few brief moments and imagine the following:

  • Never having to organize and file your 702’s again
  • Never having to plan or agonize over your label approvals again
  • Knowing that all of your ongoing winemaking compliance tasks are “magically” being managed with MINIMAL invollvement from you.
Can you picture this? How do you feel? A huge sense of relief? Peace of mind perhaps? I encourage you to consider exploring what avenues you may have for making these wonderfully appealing scenarios a reality. Compliance may be a drudge of a task to you but it DOES appeal to others- and those others may already part of your staff or business team. Here are some options to consider:
  • Your bookkeeper
  • Someone else on your staff that has an affinity for numbers and is highly organized
  • Outsourcing to an outside compliance business
Basically the very simple reason that compliance is such a drudge to all you winemakers is this:     Compliance is not your thing! Simple solution?      Give it to someone whose thing it is!

It’s a win-win. Chances are they’ll be fewer problems with it ongoing, the information contained in it will be more organized and so more accessible to you and best of all you’ll have more time in your schedule for tasks that for you really are important and enjoyable.

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