Winery Compliance Training Academy

Looking for some practical training to help you with your required reporting? Including real world examples of how to fill them out and the chance to ask your specific questions? That’s why we created our online school, the Winery Compliance Training Academy. Take a look at our current list of courses.

The TTB Reports all US Wineries are required to file

All US wineries are required to file three different reports. One is always required and the other two are “as necessary”. This course familiarizes you with all three reports, explains when they are required to be filed, and shows you the TTB platforms wineries use to file them.

What you’ll learn:

  • What the 3 primary reports US wineries are required to file
  • What the filing frequency options are for each report
  • What are your options for how you file each report
  • What are some common mistakes wineries make when filing their 5120.17 reports
  • What items are required to be on your wine labels
  • An intro to the percentage requirements behind common items you are putting on your labels
  • An explanation of the two components you need to understand about the excise tax credits

How to complete the CA Grape Crush Report

This report is required annually for all California wineries and for businesses that purchase grapes but are not wineries. Our course breaks the report down, and shows you how to prepare your grape information, fill out each tab of the report and know which version, the original or EZ version of the report is right for you.

What you’ll learn:

  • Who is required to file this report
  • How to organize your grape information so it makes it easier to fill in the report.
  • What a winery is required to report VS what a client at a winery reports
  • What is the difference between a custom crush client and an alternating proprietor client
  • How to fill in the information on each tab of the report- shown by examples!

TTB Winery Harvest Training

Is your winery keeping up with TTB requirements for harvest reporting? Do you know how to report your grape amounts, juice amounts and amount produced after fermentation? From how to document your grapes, record their crushing and fermentation, through showing you how to fill in all your harvest numbers on your TTB reports this course covers the range of your harvest numbers and how to report them to the TTB.

What you’ll learn:

  • What items you need to be tracking and reporting
  • How to design and fill out a weight tag
  • How to design and fill out harvest activity work orders
  • Clarity on how to fill in the harvest section of the TTB 5120.17 report
  • How your harvest records are connected to your wine labels

When Does a Wine Qualify for Napa?

Not all wines qualify per federal and state of California law to list Napa on their labels, or in their advertising. This course explains the federal (TTB) and California laws which regulate whether or not a wine label or its advertising qualifies to list Napa, Napa Valley, or any of Napa Valleys sub appellations. This course is especially beneficial to individuals who submit labels for approval to the TTB.

What you’ll learn:

  • What the federal and California agencies are that regulate the allowed uses of Napa on wine labels and advertising
  • The federal regulations specific to the use of Napa in brand names for wine
  • The federal minimum percentages for listing different types of appellations on wine labels
  • The California state law which regulate the use of Napa on wine labels and advertising
  • The California state law which requires listing Napa Valley on certain wine labels