I joined in with the group of around 500 other folks who showed up live  to CalRecycle’s informational webinar on what the CA CRV reporting will mean for wineries.

A fun way to kill a couple of afternoon hours on a Friday afternoon! 

But seriously it was very informative, they covered a lot of ground and answered a lot of questions, though we know more questions are to come since this is new reporting for wineries, and we’re a unique beverage product for CalRecycle.

First, in case you’re interested here is a link to a recording of the webinar on Youtube:

Next I’ll share the summary of my key takeaways from what was covered. (In no particular order)

  • Wines that were bottled before January 1, 2024 will never require CA CRV on their label
  • All businesses that hold a CA ABC type 02 Winegrower license are required to register as a manufacturer and a distributor, and will then be required to file a report for each of those accounts
  • CalRecycle is buried in registration applications (over 2,000 still in their queue waiting to be reviewed). There won’t be any penalties for filing reports late due to this
  • Wineries are not required to submit their labels to CalRecycle for approval
  • After June 3, 2025 CA CRV will be required on labels for all wines bottled after January 1, 2024
  • The number that wineries will be reporting on their manufacturer and distributor reports will likely be the same number, because the number asked for is the amount of containers they sold in the report period.
  • If no sales were made in CA for any report period, a zero report is still required
  • After a business has filed a full year’s worth of reports, CalRecycle may allow them to change their filing frequency to annually
  • If you watch the video replay the demo of using their online report platform DORIIS starts at about minute 52.
For now the main task for any wineries (meaning all CA ABC Type 02 -Winegrower license holders) or wine wholesalers (meaning businesses that hold the CA ABC type 17 & 20 licenses)  who haven’t yet done so is to get their registration submitted to CalRecycle. That is a fairly simple application which can be found here:  

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