It’s not necessarily a happy new year for California wineries in that their compliance task list has now gotten longer due to the CalRecycle reporting requirements which came into effect this month. Since this is a brand new requirement with a new agency for wineries we’re all in this together figuring out, for now, how the reporting will work. When I say we’re all in this together that is accurate as my office will manage these new CalRecycle reports for clients. Because of that I’ll be sharing my experiences along the way and potentially offering some training opportunities so stay tuned for that. For now I’m sharing this next step in the process which is about getting set up to file their required reports.
But first, to clarify as I shared in my October 31st blog post the first step in the overall process was registering with CalRecycle. This was required by the end of 2023. After filing that registration online the businesses would have recently received a “congratulations” email from staff with CalRecycle letting them know their registration was successful. 
This email would have included a couple of attachments. One of those attachments, worth saving in the compliance file of the individual who will manage this reporting, was a letter listing three key pieces of information. First, the contact info for your account representative, second the ID numbers for your manufacturer and distributor accounts and third the dates when the first reports are due. Related to filing the required reports the second attachment was a form to set up an online account for their reporting portal, with the acronym name of your new pal DORIIS. The next step for wineries (specifically the individual who will be filing the reports) is to fill out and sign that form. It needs to be signed by both the person who will be submitting the reports under their own name, and by the actual owner of the wine business which may or may not be the same person, and email that back to the email address on the lower left corner of the form.
I’ll continue to share updates on this process as I experience them. As mentioned above there is the possibility that training via webinar or other forms may also be offered. Stay tuned. If you are reading this and are not signed up for my newsletter please reopen this page and a sign up box will pop up.

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