Wineries are currently able to manage much of their required compliance reporting via online sites. A couple key advantages of online filing are you know when a report was filed and have confirmation that the agency received it. Both federal and many state agencies have offered online reporting sites for years which wineries are encouraged to use. Unfortunately the main California agency that issues licenses to wineries, the CA ABC, has still been in the paper and snail mail world for both their applications and for license renewals. Wineries will be glad to hear the ABC has finally stepped at least partly into the 21st century. They have now launched an online portal that wineries will be able to use to manage the renewals of all of their licenses. All California wineries hold the type 02 Winegrower license, which must be renewed annually. (like all CA ABC licenses) The renewal notices are always been sent out and then returned via mail. Now wineries will be able to manage those renewals online. No renewal form, no envelope, no stamp required!
Take a look at the video where I show the 3 steps to setting up an account, how to add licenses to the account, and where they will be renewed.

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