A brief reminder for all California wineries in this post. More specifically that includes all businesses that hold California ABC type 02-Winegrower OR type Duplicate 02 licenses. All of those licenses expire annually on June 30th. The renewals have already been sent out via mail.  If you have not received yours yet you’ll want to call their headquarters office at 916-419-2500 to either request another mailing or to confirm the payment amount due to send in. 

As mentioned all type 02 and Duplicate 02 licenses have the same annual expiration date of June 30th.

Your renewal fees must be received (via mail or Fedex, UPS, etc) into their headquarters offices in Sacramento by September 30th, otherwise your license will automatically be revoked.

See my video with the details:

 CA Wineries- It is time to renew your CA ABC Type 02 and Duplicate 02 licenses

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