This post has been corrected RE the Winegrower Tax report.

This post applies to you if you have (or work for) a business that is a California winery. I’m sharing some updates with you related to two of your CDTFA reports. That’s the CA Dept of Tax & Fee Admin. And as a winery you hold (at least) two accounts with them. You hold a Sellers Permit and a Winegrower tax account. The first is related to your Sales & Use tax report filings and the second to your CA excise tax (what they call the winegrower tax) reports.

The CDTFA, like many state agencies around the country has now shared an update related to allowing for an extension in the due date for one of your required reports. That report is your Sales & Use tax report, so if your business files that report on a quarterly basis read on and take a look at my video to see more details.

The other report that all CA wineries are required to file is the Winegrower Tax report. The CDTFA has now changed the due date for this report. If your winery files this report on a quarterly basis it is not due until July 15th 

See my video with these updated details:

 CDTFA report filing updates: The due date for your Winegrower Report has ALSO been extended

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