I’ll often go to the wine industry website Wine Jobs and enter “compliance” in the Keyword box and then view what comes up.

Why do I do this? I’m curious to see how the tasks around winery compliance show up under a range of winery position titles.

All sorts of positions come up by entering that keyword, everything from winemaker to wine club manager to compliance analyst to business manager came up the last time I ran this search.

As I viewed the specific responsibilities of each of these positions I did actually find a range of wine compliance tasks that were listed in their job responsibilities.

Why am I curious about this? Because managing winery compliance truly effectively is a complicated task.

It requires not just a certain level of understanding about all the regulations involved, but also a big picture understanding of the whole process that their tasks are a part of.

And this RARELY comes from these positions.

Compliance systems at wineries in my experiences are almost always chopped up into so many sections that this is usually a cause of their overall ineffectiveness.

Another common issue I have seen again and again over the years is that compliance is a task that requires someone who is the right fit for it.

(see my earlier blog post on this topic)

If given to someone who isn’t the right fit for it (no fault on their part) here is another common cause of ongoing problems.

This leads me to my main point of this blog post.

Winery compliance will only be successfully managed by curing these two common problem areas.

It will only be successful and serve the purposes it is meant to when it is managed from a big picture standpoint and given to people who are well suited for it.

How do you know if you are well suited for it?

Answer these questions:

1. Do you like to organize things?

2. Are you a born “multi-tasker”?

3. Do you like to be constantly learning new things?

4. Do you enjoy working with numbers and statistics?

5. Do you enjoy working with a variety of people?

If you answered yes to all of the above there is a good chance that winery compliance work is a good fit for you and something you’d thrive at.

If you’d like to explore this unique career field further and what it might look like please send me an email: ann@winecompliancealliance.com

Use the subject title: Wine Compliance Career

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