Winery compliance. Just mention those two words together to the folks who work at a winery and you’ll get some sort of reaction. They’ll make a face, roll their eyes or perhaps utter something along the lines of “ughh”.
Winery compliance is not a popular topic. Why? Lack of training!
To remedy that issue we are currently working on developing some new training programs and as part of that process we need input from all of you who are out there in the trenches of the winery world having to manage bits and pieces of your winery’s compliance and feeling lost, confused or frustrated with it.
You know things such as bills of lading, excise taxes, the TTB 5120.17 report, etc.
We would greatly appreciate your input on what compliance areas you currently manage and what training would be helpful to you.
Please take our brief survey here.  Thanks for taking the time to help us out!

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