What is the most common missing link for wineries with their compliance? Plain and simple, the missing link is effective training. This results in records being kept incorrectly (or not at all!), reports being completed incorrectly and winery staff having a predominantly hate/hate or at best a confused/concerned relationship with it.
Here at Wine Compliance Alliance we want to offer a solution to this missing link, so we are now shifting our primary focus to training services for wineries. (See my story for the “why” behind this)
Our first course is available now and offered online through our newly launched Winery Compliance Training Academy.
Just in time for the 2021 harvest season that course is TTB Winery Harvest Compliance Training.


Topics covered include:
  • What numbers and details the TTB requires wineries to track
  • How to document these in your records, including completed record examples
  • How to fill in those harvest numbers on your TTB 5120.17 reports
  • How the details you record at harvest are directly connected to your labels
  • As part of this course students will also be able to join 4 live Q&A sessions with course creator Ann Reynolds to ask their specific questions


For full info and to sign up please Go Here

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