An annual report that all CA wineries (& all businesses that purchase grapes) must file is due by January 10th. That report, perhaps one of the most unpopular reports in the winery world is the CA Grape Crush Report.

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There is a solution to relieving a certain amount of that dislike. The winery staff that draw the short straw for having to complete this report need to be provided guidance on (1) what the report is asking for and then (2) how to fill it out!

This is still the most common missing link for wineries specific to their required compliance such as this report. Very little training is available that enables winery staff to connect the dots between what they are doing at their winery site and then take that data to fill in their reports.

That’s why we’ve now created our next course, How to Complete the CA Grape Crush Report

Here’s a bit more of a breakdown of what the course covers:

  • How to access the electronic report files
  • Who is required to file the report
  • How to organize your grape info ahead of completing the report
  • If you process grapes for clients at your site we cover how to report them
  • & we’ll walk you through how to complete it by showing you examples of filling in each tab of the report.

This course is offered online so it can be taken in a self paced style, as well as referenced at the same time that they are filling out their own report. Students have lifetime access to the course and are able to get answers to their questions.

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