The results are in! My experimental label approval submission submitted on July 5th in which I intentionally filled in 4 fields incorrectly on the application came back over the weekend marked status “conditionally approved”. I shared in my previous blog post and video that the TTB has recently added this new status to their label approval review stages. I decided to test it out to see how it would work and whether the TTB staff would catch all of my intentional mistakes.

They caught 3 out of 4 of them. Score 75% for the TTB! To clarify, this new conditionally approved status was created by the TTB because many of the labels that wineries are uploading with their COLA applications do not match the information they are filling in on four of the application fields. 

I share the actual correspondence back from the TTB in my next video- to give an idea what the end result of this new label approval experience looks like.

Testing out the TTB label approval conditionally approved status

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