Not surprisingly, one of the most common reasons for the unpopularity of managing winery compliance is the piles and piles of reports required. Add to that the fact that many of the regulating agencies are still in the dark ages world of paper filing for their applications, renewals and reports. (Eyeroll!)

But not the TTB! (The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) US wineries can manage all areas of their TTB compliance files and reports 100% electronically! The TTB has offered this 100% electronic option to all US wineries since 2018, when they opened up accessibility to all US wineries for one of their three platforms, Permits Online. (before that pre 2011 wineries still had to submit any amendment applications on paper) But besides the Permits Online platform, all US wineries had already been able to use the two other online filing platforms the TTB offers, COLAs Online and Pay.Gov.

By using all three of those platforms, Permits Online, COLAs Online, and Pay.Gov wineries never have to send anything on paper to the TTB anymore! Thank goodness for that, since another main advantage of electronic filing is that wineries also know when something was filed, therefore when the TTB received it. And for their report filings, wineries know what version of numbers were reported & when. No more searching through hard copy (or computer scanned files) to confirm a report was filed or what sets of numbers!

The TTB has now also instituted 2 step verification for all three of their platforms. Our next video explains what each platform is used for, and also shows the logon screens for each of them specific to their 2 step verification process.

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