All US wineries are required to file three primary reports to the TTB (the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau) Of those three reports one of them is always required to be filed and the other two are only required if the winery does specific activities. All three of these reports are also connected to each other, meaning that if a winery lists numbers on certain lines of one of those reports they are then required to file one or both of the other reports. Two of the reports have filing frequency options, either annually, quarterly, monthly, or bi-monthly, though wineries must meet specific qualifications to file annually or quarterly and if they are outside of those qualification ranges they must file monthly or bi-monthly. Failing to file these required reports is a common TTB audit issue for wineries and one that is almost always listed in the charges of the TTB’s “Offers in compromise” summaries they post on their website after completing an audit at a winery or wine cellar site. More often than not, however, wineries are not to blame. Plain and simple, due to the fact that there is still little to no training for winery owners and their staff to help them understand TTB requirements, most are completely unaware of details such as basic reporting requirements like these. They need some basic guidance so they can understand how and when they are required to file reports to the TTB as it corresponds to their activity level. To give US wineries a one-stop resource for understanding all of the above specific to their site we’ve created a new course, The TTB Reports all US Wineries are required to file. A thorough range of the three reports and their requirements is covered. The course is a broad overview of the following areas:
  • The three TTB reports
  • What they are
  • What their filing frequency options are
  • How to file them
  • Who has the authorization to file them
  • Required items for all wine labels
  • Intro to percentage requirements for common label items
We designed it to be an ongoing reference point for wineries specific to when and how they are required to file these reports. After enrolling in the course questions can be submitted as well since we realize there is no shortage of them when it comes to these TTB reports! Getting to a point where their TTB reporting makes sense takes a while. This course was designed to be a reference for wineries to refer back to as needed and learn it little by little over time. Full course info and sign up can be found here:   Course Info & Sign Up

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