The TTB, the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau which all US wineries must comply with for their permitting, records and reporting requirements has been very efficient at creating online platforms so all of you never have to send them another piece of paper again!

They have three websites available to all US wineries for managing the three areas of your TTB compliance.

Those three areas are your Basic Permit application file, your two primary required reports and your certificates of label approval or COLAs.(& also Formulas)

To get started with each of these sites a winery owner or staff member files an application for a logon. Be aware that the individual that applies for a logon for the reporting site or the COLAs site must hold either signing authority or power of attorney already on file with the TTB for the winery.

So if you’d really like to move entirely out of the paper world with all of your TTB compliance I highly encourage taking a look into getting set up with these three TTB resources!

Take a look at my video to see all of these three TTB websites.

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