There’s a ridiculous amount of terminology thrown at unsuspecting wineries related to their TTB compliance. They are required to be able to decipher what all this terminology means to them from a day to day perspective in order to keep in the good graces of the TTB. Speaking first hand for myself it took me many years of reading, re-reading and speaking directly with TTB staff and colleagues at other wineries to get to the level of understanding that I have now.

I recently taught a training to a group of winery staff which was focused on all the changes affecting US wineries that went into effect in January. These changes affect their TTB reports and how they qualify for TTB excise tax credits.

One of the handouts I provided in that training is titled “TTB compliance code breaker”.  This handout “de-codes” nine common TTB terminology terms into real world descriptions so winery staff can understand them. This “code breaker” is a helpful cheat sheet handout for any winery staff involved in TTB compliance to have in their compliance resources.

The “TTB compliance code breaker” can be accessed here.


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